R3 Directory 2021

The R3 Directory outlines the help on offer to the UK’s financially distressed businesses and individuals, including contact details for professional, highly qualified and regulated advisers, and a guide to the UK’s insolvency and restructuring procedures and options.

The sooner businesses and individuals seek advice about their finances, the more options they have. If you need help, don’t delay – get in touch with someone in this directory today.

The R3 Directory is a reference source for:

  • directors of underperforming businesses
  • individuals experiencing financial difficulty
  • creditors
  • lenders
  • insolvency practitioners & accountants
  • solicitors
  • the government
  • ... and many more.

R3 Directory 2018

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To place a corporate profile in the directory contact:

Jonathan Nicholl

Account Director

Group GTI


+44 (0)1491 828922

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